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The Three Steps of New Home Construction

January 18, 2024
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Three steps is all it takes to build a new home in Maryland!

One of the best things about living in Maryland is that you have the opportunity to build a new home just as you like it. You can do the project on your own by buying land and hiring an architect, home builder, and everyone else needed to develop the land. The other option is to work with a new home builder like Ameri-Star Homes, which allows you to customize a modern home plan to your taste. In the simplest form, these are the three steps of new home construction.

Buying Land

The first step is buying land. Ameri-Star Homes can work with your own land or help you buy land. If you buy land, make sure it has property utilities, or a valid perc test if necessary, and allows you to build your dream home. If you choose to let us help you buy land, our land team will comb the markets to find the best property for you.

Buildable land must have good percolation for septic; in other words, it must drain well. It must also have a residential zoning for building a single-family home and be high enough above the water level to avoid flooding and many other issues. Ameri-Star Homes’ experts can help you navigate the ins and outs of finding buildable residential land without missing a detail.

Developing Land

The next step is developing the land. Ameri-Star Homes can help you calculate the costs of removing trees, grading the land, installing a driveway, installing utilities, etc. If you build in a Critical Area in Maryland, there may be extra regulations to bear in mind.

Before breaking ground, you will need a home design. You will need to plan out your floor plan and where it will go on the property. The floor plan size may depend on your lot’s size and local building rules. Along with the floor plan and its placement, a driveway layout will also be necessary. You might want to keep certain trees to give your property shade, privacy, and beauty. 

Designing and Building the House

Finally, it is time to put the finishing touches on your home design and bring it to life. What an exciting step! Ameri-Star Homes will also give you a cost for its construction. At Ameri-Star, we work to save our clients as much money as possible while still achieving a high-quality new construction home.

Let Ameri-Star Homes Build Your New Custom Home!

Ameri-Star Homes was built on the idea that a home is not complete until the homeowner is 100% satisfied. That’s right, completely satisfied homeowners. Whether you want a home built on one of our home sites or on your own land, count on the same high quality from Ameri-Star. We have set out to exceed all your expectations of integrity, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Build lasting memories for years to come with Ameri-Star Homes. 

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