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7 Home Design Trends for 2024

January 25, 2024

If you are looking for ideas for how to dream up your new customized home in 2024, we have plenty of ideas for you! Find inspiration in these seven home design trends for 2024, and make your new construction home exactly how you would like it to be. 

Traditional Home Styles

Various architectural home styles will remain popular throughout this year. With vintage aesthetics running strong, traditional house plans and exteriors will continue to be desirable. Historic designs such as colonial or craftsman houses are practical and appealing. 

Vintage Interiors

A resurgence of vintage interior designs has risen in the last few years and is by no means stopping. While Victorian-era designs are very “in,” so are 1970s-inspired interiors. Dark woods, lacquer, piled carpets, and low-lying furniture are of great interest and can be incorporated into the floors and walls of your new home.

New Home Tech

While vintage designs are trending, we are still going forward with new technologies for the home, such as smart home security systems, smoke alarms, stereo systems, and lighting. 2024 is not giving up the opportunities that new technologies, even AI, can offer our homes.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors such as beige, cream, and black are coming back into style. As people are looking to create cozy, warm feelings in their house, warm, neutral browns are returning to the walls. Others like to try out the “cave” feeling with black or dark gray walls, suitable for bathrooms and living rooms alike. White is always in style for people who like their homes bright and airy.

Curves and Textures

Arched doorways, curved furniture, and textured walls continue to be popular in 2024. Earlier, industrial looks with harsh monochrome color schemes and straight lines were trending. While some still like that style, the home design world is taking a gentle turn into rounder shapes.

Textured walls are easy to achieve with paneling, textured wallpaper, or shiplap.

Specialty Rooms

Home offices, separate utility rooms, and bonus rooms continue to be necessary and practical as many still work from home. Separate utility rooms keep chores and entertainment separate.

Outdoor Living Spaces

For quite some time, bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out has been the goal of many home designs. In 2024, it is no different; natural materials are prevalent indoors, and high-quality outdoor living spaces raise home value.

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