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Characteristics of Colonial-Style Homes

December 1, 2023
Learn all about the varieties and characteristics of this distinct American house style.

Homes come in all shapes and sizes. There is no end to the creative designs a house could have, even within one official architectural style. While perusing Ameri-Star Homes’ floor plans, you would have come across various styles, such as traditional, craftsman, and colonial. Are you interested in learning more about if this style is the right one for your new home? Below, we shall explore the characteristics of colonial-style homes.

More Colonial Characteristics Than You Think

Colonial-style homes come in more formats than you think. They began as the log cabins that American settlers built with the materials available and the house styles known to them at the time. As more people from different nations immigrated to the colonies and territories, various styles developed in different U.S. regions. The architectural differences reflect each area’s climate and culture.

Types of Colonial Homes

A brief overview of different types of colonial homes is the following:

  • Georgian Colonial: These homes are as symmetrical and rectangular as it gets, reflecting Georgian-style homes in England.
  • Dutch Colonial: Dutch Colonial homes were more popular in New England and may include the Cape Cod style.
  • Southern Colonial: Southern Colonial homes are well-known in the Mid-Atlantic region and make more use of the front porch for outdoor access and social gatherings.
  • French Colonial: The French or Creole Colonial is similar, hailing from the South and were more likely to have wrap-around porches and French doors.
  • Spanish Colonial: Spanish Colonial homes used stucco and other Spanish elements for their construction in Florida and California.
  • Modern Colonial Revival: In the 20th century and the present day, colonial-style homes made a comeback and continue to hold their functionality and charm. They are more likely to contain modern elements like open floor plans.

Customizable Colonial Floor Plans

Colonial-style architecture typically includes these characteristics:

  • Gambrel roofs
  • Dormer windows
  • Rectangular floor plans
  • Symmetrical facades with center front doors
  • Front porches
  • Either central hallways or porches to connect rooms
  • Two or three stories

You can have a look at some great colonial floor plan examples on our website! Examples include the Harrison, Saint Mary, and Taylor models.

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