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What Are Site Characteristics in Real Estate?

December 6, 2023
Pinpoint the right homesite for you by doing this!

If you are intending to build your home in Maryland, finding land is part of the process. Like with an existing home, you will want to consider what location, topography, and accessibility to amenities suits you best. With land, there is even more to consider. If you’ve come across the term “site characteristics,” here’s what it means. Determining your ideal site’s characteristics will help you narrow down your list of potential properties.

What Are Site Characteristics?


First, how much land would you like to own? Your budget will help you know your maximum acreage. Also consider what you would like to do with the land, such as gardening or keeping a very low-maintenance yard.

Land Shape

The land shape can change how you live and feel on your land. Some homesites are long and narrow, some are perfectly square, and others are irregular. Once again, it depends how you would like to use it.


The land’s elevation and contours are its topography. Are you looking to live on a flat piece of land, or do you prefer some slopes for a walk-out basement? The land’s topography can influence the home design and vice versa.


How visible would you like your home to be to the main road or street? Do you dream of having a view of a forest, mountains, or waterfront? Visibility determines how rural or suburban your home may be.

Soil Type

The soil quality will determine what kind of soil stability or drainage issues you might have. It can also tell you if it is possible to garden or not, if that is your goal. No matter the soil type, soil stabilization must happen before laying down your home’s foundation.

Natural Hazards

How at-risk is your home to flooding, landslides, or hurricanes? If it is in a flood zone, you will need to raise any finished level above the flood level, and unstable soil requires retaining walls or other stabilizing methods.


Is the land building-ready, or is it undeveloped? Undeveloped land is cheaper, but comes with the hidden costs of development, such as installing water, power, and sewage lines, etc..

Looking at Broader Site Characteristics

Regulations (Covenants, HOAs, Easements, Etc.)

Is your land site within the jurisdiction of covenants, HOAs, easements, or any other regulations? Know all these laws before purchasing the land.


How will you access the road from your home? How easy is it to reach school, work, or the grocery store? Accessibility can change everything.


What are the local weather patterns? Some areas are tamer or windier than others.


Do busy roads or planes overhead bother you? Are you looking to live in a lively neighborhood or a rural, quiet setting? 

Should You Work with a New Construction Home Builder?

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