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Keep Outdoor Dirt Out of Your Home

June 19, 2024
Keep a clean home with the help of smart home design.

Does your family love to spend time outdoors doing outdoor activities? If you love swimming, hiking, camping, sports, or other nature activities, then you will need a place to put all your gear while keeping your home clean. If that sounds like you, and you are designing a new home, here are a few ways to keep outdoor dirt out of your home.

Design Ideas to Keep the Outdoors Out

A Mudroom

A mudroom is an excellent amenity to have in any home, no matter how outdoorsy or homey a household is. Mudrooms are landing points at home entrances that allow people to store away their outerwear, bags, keys, and shoes. They have hard flooring so that they are easy to clean.

An Exterior Entrance from the Bathroom

Does your family get into very dirty outdoor activities? While a mudroom is a must, you can make keeping your home clean even more efficient by adding an exterior entrance into a bathroom. People can step right into the washroom to get clean before entering the rest of the house.

An Outdoor Shower

Do you have a swimming pool or a waterfront property? Even if you just play a lot of outdoor sports, an outdoor shower is a great amenity for washing off before entering the house. Plus, many people really enjoy washing up outdoors, especially on a pleasant day. An outdoor shower can help you remove dirt, sand, and sweat before you even open the door.

Storage in the Garage

Do you enter the home through the garage primarily? If so, then the garage is a perfect place to add storage for your outdoor gear and even items like shoes and jackets. If there are certain outdoor gear items that you would regularly take with you, you could store them close to the garage entrance.

A Robot Vacuum Station

Some dirt will inevitably get into your home. Never fear! Consider a robot vacuum to come to the rescue! Robot vacuums can have their own stations. Some have custom houses built into cabinetry. When the robot finishes cleaning, it can retire back into its slot, tucked away from the traffic path.

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