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How to Increase Sunlight in a Home

April 26, 2023
How to Increase Sunlight in a Home
Custom home design influences how sunny your home will be. Here’s how to bring the most sunlight into your home.

If you love a bright and sunny home, you are not alone. A bright home feels welcoming, spacious, and safe. It puts one in a positive mood. It is just one more thing to consider in your custom home design. Thankfully, you can find many ways to increase sunlight in a home. Check out these designs and see how Ameri-Star Homes can help you find your dream home in Anne Arundel County, MD.

The Position of the House

The position of the house can have a significant impact on how sunny it is inside. In Maryland, it is best to position the longest side of the house to face south. The north side gets the least sunlight through the windows, while the west and east only get sunlight at certain hours. In the winter, the sun’s path will lean southward.

South-Facing Windows

Therefore, you can increase sunlight in a home by adding as many windows on the south side as possible. They will be especially beneficial if you have a south-facing view. Southern glass double doors also increase sunlight.

Skylights and Solar Tubes

If you have rooms or even closets that are windowless, skylights and solar tubes are the answer. Skylights are typically rectangular and act like windows in the roof, but solar tubes can connect sunlight from the roof to an inner room through the attic.

Translucent Walls

Do you have a particularly sunny room in your custom home design, but a room next to it with no natural sunlight? If the design allows, and you want to create a partition between rooms, a translucent wall or sliding door could preserve privacy but increase sunlight.

Sunrooms or Screened Porches

A sunroom or screened porch could naturally be the sunniest spot in the house and a frequented sanctuary. An outdoor room like this could be the key to having at least one sunny spot in the house.


If you still lack natural sunlight in certain rooms, strategically-placed mirrors could do the trick. Not only do they increase light in a space, but they also make a room appear far larger.

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