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Is Living in the Suburbs Right for You?

December 27, 2023
McDowell Exterior
There’s the city, the country, and the suburbs. Are the suburbs right for you?

Suburban areas are designated neighborhoods outside of urban areas. They have their own communities, shopping centers, local businesses, and schools. If you’re thinking about moving, you can choose between living in the city, a small town, a rural or semi-rural area, and the suburbs. Is living in the suburbs right for you?

Benefits of Living in the Suburbs

Enjoy Both Indoor and Outdoor Space

A suburban home offers enough space for you to enjoy both the indoors and the outdoors. Depending on your area, the space you have could be more or less. In general, the suburbs offer you the perk of a traditional backyard with room for at least a patio or deck and a lawn, plus a single-family home that suits your needs.

Have Neighbors Close By

Another great benefit of living in the suburbs is that you have neighbors just a few steps away. If you ever need help, you can run to the next door over. There are plenty of stories of neighbors noticing a fire or another threat when those inside the house were asleep and saved their lives. There is safety in numbers!

Aside from community support, you can also foster neighborhood friendships and have good old suburban block parties. It is also easier for friends and family to live close to each other while having their own single-family homes.

Enjoy Peace and Quiet

Even though there are more people about, suburban neighborhoods can be very quiet. Unless there is a strong community of friends, the suburbs can be extremely quiet as people keep to their own lives and homes. If you prefer some more activity, urban areas might be more appealing to you. Otherwise, suburban areas are attractive for their peacefulness.

Have Easier Access to Amenities

You also have reasonable access to grocery stores, convenience stores, medical centers, and other shops. In a Maryland neighborhood, these services are just a short car ride away from any home. 

Live within a Reasonable Commuting Distance from Work

While your commute may be farther when you live in the suburbs rather than in the city, you can still expect to have a reasonable commute time. You can have both the proximity to the city and the peace of a more rural area.

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