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What to Love about Living in Maryland

June 14, 2023
Maryland is a land of cities and farms; is it also your home?

Maryland is a beautiful state with more to offer than meets the eye. You can find things in Maryland that you might never have thought were there, but you can also enjoy much that is plain to see. What is there to love about living in Maryland? Is it the right place to call home? If so, stay tuned to these wonderful qualities of the Old Line State.

The Weather

Maryland weather gives you all four seasons. If you come from the south, you can enjoy milder temperatures. If you come from the north, the weather will be balmy. The Mid-Atlantic region has subtropical temperatures with humid summers, but temperate on the whole, not too hot and not too cold.

Historical Landmarks

If you love history, Maryland has plenty to offer. As one of the 13 colonies, it is one of the oldest parts of the United States, with historical architecture and sites going back to the 1600s. Maryland, its adjacent states, and next-door Washington, D.C., are home to battlegrounds, historic sites, and many museums.

Fantastic Seafood

If you love seafood, come to Maryland! Maryland is famous for its blue crab cuisine, such as steamed crabs, Maryland crab cakes, and Maryland crab soup. It also has a legacy of oystermen, whose industry is to harvest oysters from the Chesapeake Bay. You can taste oysters on the half shell or fried in a Po’Boy sandwich!

Diverse Cultures

Maryland has many pockets of cultures; it is hard to count how many there might be! You can find ethnic cultures, native cultures (such as that of Smith Island,) and cultures unique to Marylanders. There is something for everyone.

Rural Areas, Suburbs, and Cities

There is also a home for anyone’s tastes. You have the opportunity to find a townhome, condo, apartment, house, mansion, historic house, and new construction home. Ameri-Star Homes designs and builds new construction homes that owners can customize freely.

Plenty to Do

In Maryland, you are never short on things to do. This state boasts of outdoor recreational activities like sailing and hiking, plenty of shopping, and fancy and casual entertainment alike. 

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