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One-Story vs. Two-Story Homes

April 16, 2018

The following pros and cons will help you decide what is best for you and your family:

One-story Homes Pros

  • Easier to maintain – Since everything is on one-level, one-story homes are easier to maintain. No taking the vacuum cleaner or laundry up and down two flights of stairs. The exterior is easier to maintain as well. Power washing, washing windows, painting, etc. can be done from the ground.
  • Simpler to design – One-story homes are not only the simplest to design, but they are also less expensive to design.
  • Stairs can be dangerous – If you have toddlers or an elderly relative living with you, they may not be able to safely handle stairs. There are fewer risks of falls and accidents on one-level.
  • Easier to evacuate – In case of an emergency, you’ll be able to open any ground floor window and get out safely.

One-story Homes Cons

  • Can be costly to build – One-story homes have a larger footprint which requires more land and materials such as the foundation, roofing and windows.
  • Less privacy – You tend to have less privacy than a two-story which has the upstairs space that is more secluded.

Two-story Homes Pros

  • More design options – With two floors, two-stories offer more layout and design options than a one-story home.
  • Potential views – If you live in a picturesque area, a second-floor balcony or porch is an awesome advantage.
  • More privacy – Having a second-floor makes it easier to separate public and private spaces.
  • Lower risk of burglary – If you accidentally leave an upstairs window open, you have a much lower risk of a break-in.

Two-story Homes Cons

  • Higher heating and cooling costs – Since heat rises and cold air drops, you need to adjust your heating and AC accordingly.
  • Greater risk of accidents – Stairs present a danger for younger children and are difficult for anyone with mobility issues.
  • Higher noise level – In a two-story home, you will be able to hear people walking and talking above and below you, depending on what room you are in.

Ameri-Star Homes offers a wide range of one-story and two-story floor plans. View our home plans page to find the home perfect for you.