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Tips for Building a Pet-Friendly House

February 2, 2022
Tips for Building a Pet-Friendly House

Discover unique ways to build your pets’ needs into your home here!

Building a home takes the whole family’s needs into consideration, and for many, that includes at least one pet. Your dog or cat needs to feel acclimated to your new home as well, and what better way to integrate your pets into your home than to incorporate their needs into the design? These tips for building a pet-friendly house can help you decide what’s best for your new home.  Of course, building a new home provides the opportunity to select in advance the location, dimensions, and specifications of all of the pet amenities outlined below.

A Place to Wash Up

Keeping a pet clean, especially a dog, can be a challenge. It can be a huge benefit to you to have a place to wash that’s right by the door. Some ideas include having a wash station in a mudroom off the front door, a wash station in a laundry room next to the garage entrance, or a miniature shower outdoors.

A Place to Sleep

If you wish to have as much free floor space as possible, you might consider finding unique ways to incorporate your pet’s cage or bed in an out-of-the-way area. One idea is to build a pet sleeping area into the cabinetry, such as in the laundry room, under the stairs, or in the living room.

Strategic Storage

Food, walking gear, and grooming tools all need organizing in a secure location. The kitchen or laundry room is a fantastic place to incorporate room for pet supplies. For items that you use daily, a simple coat hook system near the door is a convenient option.

Durable Flooring

One of the most practical considerations for a pet-friendly house is the flooring. Carpet is harder to keep clean with pets around, but a woven, speckled carpet can minimize the visibility of dirt and provide friction. Hardwoods, engineered woods, and tiles are easy to clean, and radiant heat underneath makes it highly comfortable for pets and people alike.

Entertainment Features

A pet entertainment feature can be as simple as a window from which your dog or cat can gaze. Large windows positioned to receive the most sunlight year-round are already desirable to many homeowners, and they can also double as a place for your pet to relax.

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