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Easy Ways to Customize a Floor Plan

August 1, 2023
Easy Ways to Customize a Floor Plan
Customizing your floorplan is easier than you might think! Here are a few ideas to consider.

Are you ready to begin thinking about how to design your new construction home? Perhaps you already have a very long and specific list of requirements that you can only fit into a custom-built home. Ameri-Star Homes in Maryland makes it easy by giving you many customizable floor plans from which to choose and alter as you please. Ameri-Star is satisfied when you are satisfied. If you are looking to customize a floor plan, here are a few simple ways to adjust it.

Change Windows and Doors

It is not difficult to change the position, size, and shape of a window. You could even remove or add windows. The same goes for doors; if the floorplan comes with a single front door, you could change it to a craftsman style, farmhouse style or other style of your choosing. An extra exterior door could lead to an outbuilding or extra patio. There are quite a few possibilities.

Alter Walls

The difficulty of this task depends on whether or not the walls are load-bearing or not. Naturally, load-bearing walls are more difficult to shift, but it is doable. You might want to change the walls to create a bigger room, an open-concept space, or a uniquely-shaped room. Whatever the goal is, Ameri-Star Homes has a solution.

Adjust Room Sizes

Another possibility is to move the walls to make each room the size you want it to be. For example, you might think that the living areas are too big and one of the bedrooms too small in one floor plan. Another example would be that the upstairs bathroom is too small. All you have to do is to adjust the walls to meet your desired proportions. A custom home designer can make the final changes.

Add Extras

Are there features you’d like that don’t exist in the current floor plan? You could add an extra room, a garage, and additional features like a fireplace, screened porch, sunroom, etc. These changes are all possible to achieve.

Learn More with Ameri-Star

Are there other changes you have in mind for a floor plan you’re eyeing on? Ameri-Star Homes is happy to talk with you about how to make them and show you what can be done at the Ameri-Star Homes Design Center.

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