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Ceiling Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

July 31, 2023
Ceiling Design Ideas for Your Custom Home
Consider your ceilings; how might you customize them?

The ceiling of your house matters more than you might think at first. You can do a lot with a ceiling; why not get creative and make it as beautiful and functional as possible? Consider these ceiling design ideas for your custom home.

Vault the Ceiling

A high ceiling makes any house feel spacious and luxurious. New homes typically have 9-foot ceilings, which are already quite tall. Even so, a tall ceiling in at least one room, such as the great room, is a luxury. The ceiling can take on different styles, such as cathedral, cove, or tray.

Install Dormers

If you do not have the option to heighten the ceiling for some reason, you could also add interest with dormers. It will open up the ceiling (literally), provide natural light, and let you view the sky or trees by day or stars at night. 

Light It Up

Skylights provide natural light and a view, but light fixtures also could add the interest and evening lighting you need. Chandeliers can crown practically any room, not just the front hallway or dining room. Recessed lights are highly space-saving and practical, while LED light strips create drama.

Create a Masterpiece

Who says you can’t turn your ceiling into art? If you have an artistic flair, you could also paint the ceiling. It could be as simple as a contrasting color from the walls or as ornate as a mural or mosaic.

Use Trims & Other Details

Details make a difference. If you are going for a traditional or vintage look, crown molding could be all you need to give your ceiling interest; there is nothing wrong with a conventional, drywall ceiling. For a vintage feel, you could add a ceiling rose with your chandelier. 

Tying It All Together

Some rooms call for lower ceilings, while some might have room for a high ceiling. Depending on the nature of each room, you could use various elements to create the most beautiful and functional ceiling per your needs. 

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