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The History of the Family Room

July 12, 2022
The History of the Family Room
What role does the family room play in home design today? See the history here!

The family room is a familiar concept to the average American household. Still, one might realize that the names “family room,” “living room,” and even “great room” might be thrown about interchangeably. There are actually distinctions between each of these spaces; here, we shall take a deeper look at the history of the family room.

The Emergence of the Family Room

The family room did not truly exist until after World War II. After the war, the culture of American families began to change and even the location, as suburbs were created. With the emergence of the Baby Boom, the need for additional common space in the home expanded. With these major changes in the United States, the architecture of homes adapted to fit these needs.

The Establishment of the Family Room

The family room as a concept was vague at first, and for a while had multiple purposes. In the 1950s, however, it grew into a room purely for leisure. It was a place where the family could afford to have clutter and a mother have a space away from the noise and work of the day. The formal parlor became the living room, a clean sitting area for guests. 

The Family Room as a Status Symbol

A room that had the sole purpose of leisure was a luxury for middle class homes of the mid-20th century. Due to its prevalence for meeting these needs, the family room became an economic status symbol. It became a sign of decent wealth if you had both a reception room and a family room.

The Family Room Today

The family room remains an architectural feature in many floor plans today. Practically speaking, it typically features comfortable seating, a television, and possibly a fireplace. Located near the back of the house, it can join seamlessly with the kitchen in an open floor plan. An alternative to this location is the basement, although today, one can use both for relaxing with the family. 

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