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Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2022

July 19, 2022
Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2022
Kitchen appliances make the kitchen; these trends for 2022 can help you customize your cooking space.

Building a new home involves designing one room that many call the heart of the home, the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most complex rooms, a powerhouse for producing the meals of the household, and many appliances go into their making. Kitchen appliances are the building blocks of a kitchen; check out these kitchen appliance trends for 2022 below.

Induction Ranges

Induction cooking is slowly becoming more popular and a real competitor with electric and gas cooking. An induction range is a type of electric range, but it uses electromagnetism to heat up the cooking vessel directly and cook the food. Induction cooking is known for its high energy efficiency, rapid cooking times, and cool-to-the-touch cooktop.

Double Appliances

Double appliances are the norm for households with large families, those that entertain, and those that love efficiency. Kitchen appliance trends for 2022 include not only double ovens but provision for microwave cooking as well. Microwaves can be incorporated in the island, bank of wall cabinets, or in the double oven cabinet.

Drawer Appliances

One can also find double fridge drawers as well. Drawer appliances are becoming more popular as a stylish and new way to organize dishware, provisions, and more. One can find dishwasher drawers, fridge drawers, and standard warming drawers. These appliances use space efficiently and hide seamlessly among the under-counter cabinets.

Gas Burner Countertops

Gas-burning stovetops are still popular and a fantastic way to prepare meals; in 2022, it is on trend to build them right into your countertop surface. One must research the countertop material to ensure that it can take the heat. This innovative way to cook with gas brings a stylish, new element into your kitchen.

Column Fridges

Column fridges are two-door refrigerators with one side opening to the fridge and the other opening up to the freezer. This fridge design allows for significantly more freezer space, which is useful for stocking up and for larger families. Like other refrigerators, column fridges come in different finishes.

Appliances in Alternative Spaces

Building a new home allows for you to reserve space and make provisions for refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, or ice machines in the basement or garage for extra storage and utility.

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