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Best Place for a Laundry Room in Your New Home

July 26, 2022
Best Place for a Laundry Room in Your New Home
Where’s the best spot for a laundry room in your new home? Check out these ideas and tips here.

Your new construction home can be custom to your exact needs, from the architectural house style to the hardware on the kitchen cabinetry. A custom home should adhere to the owner’s wants and needs for daily living; it is a place that truly adheres to what the owner would call home. The laundry room is one such place that needs attention to detail. What is the best place for a new laundry room? In the process of building your new home, you can choose between several appealing options.

Laundry Room Placement Considerations

Who, What, When, & How

You can decide where to place the new laundry room by defining the laundry needs or lifestyle of the household. Who is doing the laundry the most? Whoever is the primary person in charge of the laundry will have the top say in where the laundry room would be most convenient.

The types of laundry you wash will also determine your decision.

When do you typically do the laundry, and what do you prefer to do while you are waiting? Laundry machines make noise, so one ought to consider what time of day and where it would be most convenient to run them. On the other hand, you may want to keep the appliances close to where you will do other work, such as cooking or working.

Do you prefer to line dry your clothes in the sun at times? If so, you will want an exterior entry point near the laundry room.

Laundry Room Layouts

Space is another consideration. The best place for your laundry room may depend on the layout you prefer. A laundry room typically contains a washer, dryer, and large sink, but some have counters and cabinets also.

Laundry Room Placement Options


In the basement, you can tuck the laundry machines safely away from most other living spaces in the house. You can comfortably place it next to the utilities if your utility room is in the basement. Sound will not be an issue, and a laundry chute could help you get laundry to and from the other floors. Location of the laundry in the basement allows to utilize that additional space on upper floors. 

First Floor

A laundry room on the first floor can put the appliances at a convenient distance from the bedrooms or kitchen. Keeping the laundry room as close to the wardrobe or to a multi-purpose space like the kitchen saves you energy.

Second Floor 

If most of your bedrooms are on the second floor, a second floor laundry room could be the most efficient choice. For the most part, this placement eliminates the need to bring laundry up and down the stairs.

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