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What Is a Craftsman Style House?

November 18, 2020
What Is a Craftsman Style House?
Looking for a fresh new home style? Try the craftsman style on for size.

The United States boasts of a collection of iconic house styles from different eras, ranging from the colonial times to modern-day. House styles are also regional, some appearing more often in  certain places rather than others. Maryland, for example, has many colonial-style and ranch-style homes. It is also home to the beautiful craftsman style house. What makes a home craftsman-style, and is it a good fit for you?

Craftsman Style House Characteristics

A craftsman style house has numerous exterior characteristics that make it easy to identify from the road. It often features overhanging gable roofs with exposed rafter tails, multi-paned windows, and a covered front porch supported by tapered columns. Its facade uses natural materials like stone, stucco, or wood, and earthy, muted colors like green, taupe, and sometimes blue. It has a sturdy yet artistic look to it.


The craftsman style house developed on both east and west coasts around the start of the 20th century. After the glories of Victorian architecture and the Industrial Revolution, builders began creating homes that were simpler and more true to handcrafted workmanship. The American spread of this house style may have bled over from the British Arts and Crafts Movement.


The interiors are just as characteristic as their exteriors. They usually contain handcrafted features like built-in bookcases, window seats, natural materials like wood and stone, a large fireplace, and an open floor plan. It has four main subcategories: bungalow, mission revival, prairie style, and four-square. Bungalow-style defines the classic look, while the four-square version consists of four rooms on the first floor and four rooms on the second floor.

Craftsman Style Homes Near You

With the growing popularity of the Craftsman style home, Ameri-Star has modified our designs to specifically meet that market preference.  If you are looking for a craftsman style house in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, you can reap the benefits of a new construction, customizable home by Ameri-Star Homes. Sabrina Estates, located in Severna Park, Maryland, features 18 homesites in a quiet alcove with convenient access to Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington, D.C. 

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