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How Many Outlets Does a House Need?

May 23, 2024
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Don’t overlook the outlets in your home design!

Most of us have more than one device that needs plugging in these days. Aside from your lamps, coffee makers, mixers, and hair dryers, you also have your iPads, smartphones, laptops, and more. If you are designing a new home, you might wonder, “How many outlets does a house need?”

General Facts and National Electric Codes

  • The average number of electrical outlets a house has in the United States is 75.
  • Bedrooms and living rooms have at least one outlet every 12 feet
  • Bathrooms have at least one outlet near the sink
  • Kitchens have at least one outlet every four feet
  • Dining rooms have at least one outlet
  • Laundry rooms have separate circuits
  • Garages have separate circuits and at least one circuit for lighting

Types of Outlets for Today’s Homes

  • Electrical outlets: These outlets are the general kind you use to plug in your lamps, your phone chargers, your countertop appliances, your printer, etc. 
  • Lighting outlets: Of course, there are also outlets in the ceiling that allow you to install overhead lighting.
  • Ethernet outlets: Sometimes, the software in your computer could fail to connect to the Wi-Fi wirelessly, which is where having ethernet cable outlets comes in handy.
  • Landline outlets: Some people don’t have landline phones anymore, but others prefer to have them. Although immobile, they are reliable.
  • TV outlets: Televisions have their own cables that can require specialized outlets.
  • USB outlets: USB cables are all the rage. It is a luxury to have USB cables built into your home today for your devices. 

Electric Outlet Safety Tips

  • Avoid overloading circuits: Do not run too many appliances at once if it causes the circuit breaker to short.
  • Do not use extension cords if you don’t have to.
  • Do not run cords under carpeting.
  • Inspect power cords for damage.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use, such as blenders and hair dryers. 
  • Unplug appliances if you notice smoke or a burning smell.
  • Understand how to use each appliance safely to avoid electric shock.

Work with Your New Home Builder

Your new home builder is here to answer any questions or special requests you have about electric outlets in your home. It is a custom home, after all! 

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