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New Home Design Ideas for Families

May 14, 2024
Homes aren’t just for adults; make your new home design kid-friendly with these new home design ideas for families.

If you have a family with young kids and more on the way, and you are in the middle of designing your new home, you likely are thinking about how the design can help your kids grow and thrive. Homes aren’t just for adults; make your new home design kid-friendly with these new home design ideas for families.

Open Kitchen and Living Room Layout

The open-concept kitchen has been a mainstay for at least a couple of decades, but it is a classic for family-friendly home designs. Its connectivity to the living and/or dining room allows parents to supervise kids in the living room and communicate easily.

A Mudroom or Easy-Access Washroom

As kids grow up, you may find yourself needing space to dump sports gear, wet beach towels, sandy shoes, backpacks, and coats. A mudroom is a rough-and-tough entryway with hard, waterproof floors and plenty of hooks and storage for your outdoor gear. Easy access to a powder room also keeps messes from tracking further into the house.

Jack and Jill Bathrooms or Separate Bathrooms

As for bathrooms, kids can either share or have separate bathrooms. If it is in your budget, girls and boys could have separate bathrooms. If your kids are sharing, a Jack and Jill bathroom keeps the shower room hidden from the hallway but connects bedrooms together.

Kid’s Playroom

If you have growing children, an indoor playroom is a great space to have. It keeps all the kids’ toys in their own space rather than scattered all over the house or overlapping with grown-up living rooms. Kids also have a place of their own to play freely. Eventually, this playroom can turn into a homework room.

Flat Lawn and Flat Driveway

If you have children, they will likely love to run around on a green lawn. If they’re sporty, they could play basketball on the driveway. If that sounds like a great deal for you and you are planning a custom home, take these details into consideration for your home site of choice.

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