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If the Front Door Opens into the Living Room

February 22, 2024
If the front door opens directly into your living room, style it with these tips!

It’s common to see many floor plans with the front door opening directly into the living room. If you intend on building a new construction home, a popular choice these days, then you can choose a floor plan with or without a foyer. If you go with one without a foyer, there are some neat ways to create the best traffic flow into your home without disrupting the living room area. If the front door opens into the living room in your house, follow these tips!

If the Front Door Opens Into the Living Room

Add a Storage Unit

A storage unit like a cabinet, a console, or even lockers can be just the thing to create a foyer without having a foyer. Simply placing an upright storage unit beside the front door creates an entry zone where people can come in and organize their outdoor belongings.

Create a Low Wall

Another way to make the front entry its own area is to install a wall between the front door and the rest of the living room. You can keep the ledge clear or place a plant or small container on it. If you don’t want to build a wall, you can add a narrow storage unit instead. It doesn’t require extra renovations and gives you a bigger storage opportunity.

Create Good Traffic Flow by Arranging the Furniture

How you arrange your living room furniture changes everything. You want to keep the traffic flow of the seating area separate from the front entry traffic. With this principle in mind, it’s standard to have the back or side of a couch face the entryway. 

Mark the Foyer with Different Flooring

Aside from arranging the furniture so people don’t want directly through a seating area, you can also make the entryway evident by marking it with a different flooring. It can be as simple as a runner rug or as fancy as accent tiles build into a wood or vinyl plank floor.

Section Off the Foyer with Columns, Walls, and Doors

The only other option is to choose a floor plan that has a foyer. Even if the front door is directly next to the living room, you can section it off with columns, walls, and French doors.

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