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Why Build a Multi-Generational Home?

April 20, 2022
Why Build a Multi-Generational Home?

Could your new home be a multi-generational home?

Customizing your new construction home can involve much creativity. One way to customize that is becoming more popular is to build a multi-generational home, a house with an independent living wing or separated space. A multi-generational household could be one of the multiple scenarios: a family with aging grandparents, an older couple with adult children, two or more generations living together, or another arrangement. Regardless, one can reap several benefits from building a multi-generational home. 

At-Home Care

The first scenario is a house with a wing or room for an aging parent living with their adult child’s family. One can build a new home that takes an aging parent into consideration from the start. This wing or level could have its own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room for independent living. Some in-law suites have separate entryways to the house. This arrangement is ideal for families who agree to have their parents dwell in place at home. Local zoning laws have regulations pertaining to in-law suites and multiple kitchens. Let Ameri-Star Homes assist in determining if your goals are in keeping with local regulations.

Room for Adult Children

Different families have different objectives for how adult children are to share living space within the home. There can always be deliberation for families when adult children live at home but also wish to be independent. A connected suite can also accommodate grown children after college or in recovery from a dire event, such as the loss of a spouse or job.

Independent with Special Needs

Some children and adults with special needs may always need a caretaker at hand. Your home can be designed and built to accommodate your child or adult’s special needs when he or she is an adult for long-term living needs. One can have privacy and independence but have the care they need.

Comfortable Bonus Rooms

When not in use, your multi-generational extra spaces can become bonus rooms such as guest rooms or entertainment rooms. It can be an excellent place for extended family or other guests to stay, and it can also make a fine entertainment space, food and drinks provided. Latest architectural designs now provide for recreation rooms and common space on multiple levels including upstairs levels. 

Way of Life

Some families have a culture of multi-generational living. You might see great-grandparents living in the same home as great-grandchildren. No matter what your lifestyle is, Ameri-Star Homes can build a multi-generational home that suits your needs.

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